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    Utah Lighthouse Ministry ( Website of the finest first hand researchers of Mormonism, the Tanners. Long a thorn in the side of the Mormon Church, the Tanners have amassed a tremendous amount of first-hand data and material to disprove the notion that the Mormon Church is a restored Christian Church. Their research reveals the inconsistencies and changes in Mormon Doctrine and Practice and adds Christian commentary on the issues (although I donít believe the latter is their forte). They have a great online bookstore for purchasing copies of original documentation (even the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon). Only real negative to the site is that it is very piece meal and is probably not a first place to start in learning systematically about Mormonism (unless you go to the online books section and can stand reading a book online). Definitely worth a visit after viewing the next three sites or for ordering resources cited by other authors or websites. If you have a specific topic you want to study, the site is organized topically and is excellent for that.

    Alpha & Omega Ministries ( Website of James Whiteís apologetics ministry, Alpha and Omega Ministries. This ministry approaches Mormonism from an evangelical and REFORMED perspective. Follow the links to: "Real Audio" to listen to online audio debates and radio programs. To view information about Mormonism, follow the links to "Apologetics," where you will find an entire section on Mormonism. His "100 Verse Memorization System" article is an excellent read for the evangelical. James White is the author of several books, including Letters to a Mormon Elder, which is reviewed below.

    Mormonism Research Ministry ( A site presented by a ministry that has long opposed the teachings of the Mormon Church and forwarded the truths of Evangelical Christianity. Founder Bill McKeever and regular contributor Eric Johnson offer thoughtful insights on a subject they've long studied. The articles are arranged topically along with interesting light articles on current events concerning the LDS Church.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Website ( Certainly a one sided presentation of the Mormon "gospel." However, on it are links to official church publications (books & magazines), and all of the Mormon Scriptures. A great way to read through the Book of Mormon, The Doctrine of Covenants, or The Pearl of Great Price without having two young men in suits show up at your door by calling the 1-800 number.


    Tanner, Jerald & Sandra. Mormonism: Shadow or Reality? This is THE classic work on Mormonism, providing FIRST hand data and evidence of problems with Mormon foundations and changes in Mormon teachings and practices. It is referenced and quoted by just about every work on Mormonism. Their website is worth a visit and has many other works viewable ONLINE by these same authors at: Go to the home page to view numerous online articles sorted by topic. (See above summary of their website.)

    White, James R. Letters to a Mormon Elder (ASIN: 0925703591). A great treatment of key Mormon doctrines and problems by a REFORMED (Baptist) evangelical minister. In the format of letters to and from a Mormon missionary, James does an excellent job of building up the true gospel while tearing down Mormonismís lies. James is the head of the ministry listed above, Alpha & Omega Ministries, and this book is even available online to read at:

    Rhodes, Ron. Reasoning from the Scriptures With the Mormons (ISBN: 1565073282). An excellent resource to use in learning about Mormon doctrine, but especially in answering Mormon misuses of biblical passages (proof-texting). This will allow you to refute Mormon readings of meaning INTO the text and replace it with exegetical extractions of meaning FROM the text (as well as balance scripture with scripture). The book and/or its digital version for your pc can be purchased online through Ron's website: Because the book is organized systematically, you will have to consult the scriptural index to locate commentary on the verse of interest.

    Farkas, John R. and David A. Reed. Mormons: Answered Verse by Verse (ISBN: 0801077613). Another book that is useful for preventing the Mormons from proof-texting you into errant twistings of various Bible verses. The verses are organized in the order they appear in the bible for quick and easy reference. This book also includes key verses from the Book of Mormon to use against the Mormons.

    Ropp, Harry L. Are the Mormon Scriptures Reliable? (ASIN: 0877844690, out of print, but available used). Perhaps the best place to start in looking at the irreconcilable problems of Mormon scriptures, as well as the reliability of the Christian Holy Bible.

    Larson, Charles M. By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus: A New Look at The Joseph Smith Papyri (ISBN: 0962096326). A great treatment of the Book of Abraham, a fraudulent translation of Joseph Smith, the professed Mormon "Prophet." A great alternative to the movie below, The Lost Book of Abraham: Investigating a Remarkable Mormon Claim. The text of the book is available online: However, you will want to read the book, since it has clear color (even fold-out) photographic reproductions of the original papyri Smith used in his "translation."

    Hutchinson, Janis. The Mormon Missionaries: An Inside Look at Their Real Message and Methods (ISBN: 0825428866). A systematic look at Mormon doctrine using a hypothetical situation involving local Missionaries teaching their "discussions." Contains original insights and reflections on the doctrines AND tactics used by Mormons. The creative format (like Letters to a Mormon Elder) is great for those who canít take pure theology type books.

    Ankerberg, John & John Weldon. Behind the Mask of Mormonism (ASIN: 1565074432, out of print but available used). One of my favorite evangelical references on Mormonism organized in a systematic fashion. If you can find a copy, not a bad reference to find citations to works where Mormons have taught certain doctrines. Of course, many of the websites above can provide the same function these days.

    Anderson, Einar. History and Beliefs of Mormonism (ASIN: 0825421225, out of print but available used). A concise treatment of Mormon origins and history followed by the authorís personalized experiences with Mormon teachings and practices, which led to an exodus from the church by the author. I enjoyed the reading and found that Anderson focused on several key issues.

    Brodie, Fawn M. No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith: The Mormon Prophet (ISBN: 0679730540). A classic, scholarly, and historical study on the life of Joseph Smith and Mormon origins. This will please the history buff as well as the average reader interested in the history of Joseph Smith.


    The Godmakers (VHS 33001, 56mins): Although the video is presented too disrespectfully and in a satirical format to be effective with most Mormons, it does give a decent (but exaggerated) consideration of Mormon foundations, changes, and current teachings. One of the oldest and classic videos on Mormonism (1982). Available through Jeremiah Films:

    The Lost Book of Abraham: Investigating a Remarkable Mormon Claim (DVD ISBN: 0971744319 / VHS ISBN: 0962096334, 55mins). An excellent, scholarly (yet practical), and thorough treatment of Joseph Smithís professed "translation" of an ancient writing of the Patriarch Abraham. This movie reveals the work for what it really was, a fraudulent but imaginative forgery of an ancient Egyptian burial text. A must see for anyone who thinks that Joseph Smith may have been a prophet or that the Mormon Scriptures are Godís Word. The video has a homepage, where you can preview many clips from the movie online:

    The Mormon Puzzle (0805428186, 75mins). A production of the Southern Baptist Convention, this video is more respectable and practical than The Godmakers. It gives a good overview of Mormon theology and key claims along with an evangelical analysis.

    The Mormon Dilemma (VHS 34001, 67mins): A respectable video on Mormon doctrine by Jeremiah Films. Set in the format of a local Mormon couple irritated by the showing of The Godmakers by their neighborís local church, it is essentially a role playing video on witnessing to Mormons in a caring and accurate way. Provides decent "live" witness against the Mormon teaching that God was once a man. Available through Jeremiah Films:

    PAGAN Invasion, Vol 11. Joseph Smithís Temple of Doom (ISBN 1878993151, 48mins): Another Jeremiah Films production disclosing many of the deep secrets of the Mormon Temple Ceremony. Reliable content on the ceremony, but follows too much of the over sensational tone of The God Makers to be effective with most Mormons. The subject matter is particularly sensitive to Mormons in the first place, so donít expect to use much from this video with your Mormon friend. Available through Jeremiah Films:

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